How to Blur a Video - Shotcut Tutorial

December 10th, 2016 by Ted

☀ This is English version of the article Cara memburamkan / Blur / Sensor Video

This article will show you how to blur a video using Shotcut video editor. This application is 100% free, you can download it here:

This tutorial is useful for example if you want to create a video but you need to blur / sensor some area in the video. For example, to hide your username, password or to blur a person face, etc.

To do this tutorial is pretty easy; everybody should be able to do it if they want to learn. Here is how to do it:

☀ First, let's open the Shotcut Video Editor application

☀ Click "Open File" then choose the video you want to use

Drag & Drop video files to the timeline
Note: if you can’t see timeline, click “View” > “Timeline”

☀ Right click at the end of video on timeline, and then click: Add Video Track. Or you can press Ctrl+Y on keyboard

Reopen the same file

☀ Then put it in above the previous video

☀ Choose at what time you want to blur the video then cut / trim the unnecessary part of the video

☀ Click at top video, then press "S" on keyboard. It will split video into two parts

☀ Click at the first part, then right click > choose: "Lift"

☀ It will delete unnecessary part of the video

☀Click the "Filter" tab
Note: If you can't find the Filter tab, click at the "View" at the top of Shotcut application > Choose Filter

☀ While filter tab is open; press the "+" sign. There are "video filters" and "Audio filters"

☀ In "Video Filters", choose: "Crop"

Crop the unnecessary area by clicking the slider. Crop the top, bottom, left and right as necessary

☀ Press the "+" again, at the filter tab, choose: "Size & position". Just drag the video to the right position

☀ Lastly, press the "+" then choose: "Blur" Choose how much you want the blur effect

☀ If it's done, click File, Export > Export file > type the file name > save. Wait until it finishes saving the video. How fast to save video is depends on your PC performance and how big / how long the video.

Below is the video how to blur video using Shotcut Video Editor:

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