How to Convert HDMI to RCA / Audio Video Easily

17 November 2016

☀ This is English version of the article "Cara Rubah Kabel HDMI ke Kabel RCA (AV) Untuk Menyambung Proyektor / TV yang tidak punya HDMI, dll"

In this article we will talk about HDMI to AV converter which has a function to convert HDMI cable (digital signal) into RCA / Audio Video / red white yellow cable (analog signal). In short, it’s about HDMI to RCA converter.

There are advantages and disadvantages using this converter, is it worth buying? Find out in this article.

Content of this article:

  • How to connect laptop / pc / camcorder into a TV or Projector which doesn’t have HDMI port
  • The price
  • The result (is it good or is it bad)
  • The advantages and the disadvantages
  • Some things to consider
  • You can view the HDMI to AV (RCA) converter in below picture:

The Installation

It is very easy to use this converter as below:

  1. Plug the RCA cable to the converter then plug it on the TV / Projector input
  2. Plug HDMI cable from the source (e.g. Laptop) to the HDMI port on the converter
  3. Depend on the source and the TV / Projector we will use, we might need (or might not) to powered the converter using 5V adapter. You can read further explanation below.


If you want to use an OLD Analog TV

If you want to use this device to connect HDMI from laptop / other media source to an old analog TV, then we need to plug the 5v power adapter (you can use phone charger) into the converter or it won’t work.

The reason is because the converter needs a power to convert digital signal from HDMI into an analog signal that can be read by old TV.

If we want to use a modern TV or Projector

We won’t need to use adaptor to power the converter. Even, actually you don’t have to buy this converter, you can you can use HDMI to RCA cable instead (It’s cheaper).

I repeat, if for some reason you need to connect HDMI to RCA cable for a modern TV / device, than you can simply buy the HDMI to RCA cable. But, if you want to use old analog TV, then buying HDMI to RCA converter is a must.

Important note if you want to use HDMI to RCA cable: The input resolution must not bigger than output resolution. Hence you can't connect laptop to your old analog TV using cable only (you need converter) since there is a big gap in resolution difference.

If “No Signal” appear on the screen

If you think that you already connect all cable in its position but still “no signal” on the screen. The possible reason is you aren’t secure enough plug the HDMI cable. Well.. It looks silly but it happens to me. I’m not securely and deep enough hook up the HDMI cable.

The Price

HDMI to AV / RCA Converter sold at the price around 10-20 USD.

The Quality

Some things to consider:

Aspect Ratio

It depends on TV or the projector you will be use, it can affect the aspect ratio. For example, when I hook up an old TV to my laptop as a secondary display, the resulted display on the old TV will look narrower in 4:3 aspect ratios. I can’t get it right even though I already try to change the resolution setting. (You can view it on video at the end of article).

Screen Resolution

Unfortunately, there must a decrease in quality if we using HDMI to RCA converter. The resulted display won’t be crisp or is like appear in low resolution settings.

We will be hard to read a text or small icon since it will be blurry. Therefore, it’s pretty useless if you want to use it as a main monitor.

However, it’s still manageable if you want to use it as a secondary display to watching a video or to do a presentation using power point (with a large text) or for playing games.

The advantages of using HDMI to RCA / Audio Video Converter

  1. The main advantages we can get is we can connect laptop, camera, camcorder, etc. that only have HDMI output to device (TV, Projector, etc.) that doesn't have HDMI.
  2. We can split / separate Audio and Video from HDMI. For example, we can connect video output to projector while the audio output is connected to our much better sound system. (HDMI Video / Audio Only)
  3. It is cheaper to buy RCA cable than a HDMI or VGA cable. For example, if you have an event or party inside your house and you want to show what’s going on to the people outside the house, then you need a camcorder, a projector or a TV and also a LONG cable to transmit video and audio. Again, it’s cheaper to buy RCA cable than a VGA or HDMI, especially if you need to buy it long enough. Just for note, before you do this scenario, just make sure you already try the converter and check the quality first. To make sure you OK with the lower quality.

The Disadvantage

Expect a decrease in quality. Even though we already use a modern TV or projector that support Full HD resolution, but it still it won’t sharp and crisp enough.

If display quality is your main concern, then don’t use this converter. Use HDMI or VGA cable instead.


This HDMI to RCA / Audio Video Converter is really useful to convert HDMI digital signal into RCA / Audio Video analog signal.

Even though the quality is not as good as using HDMI / VGA cable, but it still handy if we just need to watch a movie, a video or to do a presentation from a long distance with a large text. In short, it is bad to show image detail, but still manageable to show big picture, especially from a long distance.

For more detail, you can watch below video:

Video 1: How to Connect Laptop to Old Analog TV

Video 2: How to Connect Laptop to Modern Digital TV

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