How to Make Cinemagraph Without Adobe Photoshop

18 November 2016

☀ This is English version of the article Cara Membuat Cinemagraph / Foto Bergerak Pakai Aplikasi Gratisan

In this article we will teach you how to make a cinemagraph WITHOUT Adobe Photoshop. Instead, we will use a free application. This tutorial is very very simple and easy.

Here’s how to do it:

1. Download Instagiffer application:

Actually this application is to convert Video into a Gif file (Video to gif converter). You can download this application here:

2. Record a Video

If you want to make a cinemagraph from a Video, it is recommended if you use a stable video (tripod usage is advisable). Also, to enhance cinemagraph stunning effect, if possible, record a video that a mixture of a moving and steady object.

3. Make Your Own Cinemagraph

This application is actually self-explanatory, if you hover your mouse above some function, it will pop up an easy to understand information. Below are steps to make a cinemagraph:

After you open the Instagiffer Application, here are explanations of this app features:

Load Video: to choose the video you want to use to make a cinemagraph

Start Time & Length (sec): Most cinemagraph only last for few second (mostly below 5 second). Start Time will determine in which part (what time) of the video you want to use to make a cinemagraph. While the length will determine how long the cinemagraph will last.

For example, if you choose 0:00:00.0 for start time and 3 second for the length, then the Instagiffer application will extract or will convert video to a frame by frame image for 3 second length from the beggining of the video.

Smoothness (fps): This slider controls your cinemagraph frame rate / smoothness. Bigger setting will create smoother effect but also bigger file. If you set this value into 10, it will create GIF file in frame rate as high as the video.

So, if you use 30 frames per second video, you will get around 30 single frames. ┬áIf this makes you confuse, don’t worry buddy, just try it yourself then you will understand

Frame size: This slider controls the image / GIF size. If you set 100%, then the resulted GIF will have a same resolution as the source video. If you set to 50%, the resolution will be half of the source video.

Quality: higher setting will give better color and quality yet bigger file size.

Brightness: Affect image brightness. It’s not affect the file size.

Playback Rate: use this slider to speed up or slow down the object movement. It won’t affect the file size.

Caption: to add caption

Now, if you want to make a Cinemagraph, click the “Open Effects Panel” then click “configure” beside “Cinemagraph” text.

It will show a new window > now, what you have to do is just draw in parts where you want to unfreeze (you want it moving) > press Done when you finish.

Note: 1. You can click Brush Size to make brush bigger or smaller. 2. Click invert if you want to make the area that you draw is freeze while other areas are moving.

After that you can view frame by frame image on the right window. Use slider or click left and right arrow to view each frame.

Click “Frame” at the top of the application to Delete, Import, Export, Crop Frames, etc. If all things done, click “Create GIF!” then you just have to wait until your awesome cinemagraph finish.

There still many other functions that I don’t mention here. You can try and figure it out by yourself. You can watch the process in below video:

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