How to make Photo / Picture Look Better Like a Pro

07 January 2016

☀ This is English version of the article Cara Membuat Warna Foto Lebih Tajam & Menarik

This time we will learn how to make picture look better, colorful, crisp, and fun. We won’t use quite expensive app such as Adobe Photoshop, but we will use a free application named

This might be useful for those who want to be wedding photographer (or any photographer) in a budget. We can see the result below. This photo is taken using a phone camera only.

I’ll write the big picture here, but if you can’t understand, you can watch the video at the end of this article.

1. Install the application

What you need to do first is download and installs the application from
It is absolutely free.

2. Duplicate Layer

Open the picture / photo that you want to edit. Look at the “Layers” tab then click “Duplicate Layer” (two little box icon)

Note: If you can’t see layers tab, press: F7

3. Set color, brightness, contrast, etc.

Click at the duplicated layer then only focus on the area that we want to enhance, ignore all the other area. For example, we want to make the lake color greener, then we should focus on the water area only.

To change the color, etc., click at the “Adjustment” then use below tools:

  • Brightness / Contrast
  • Curves
  • Hue / Saturation
  • Levels

Just try it for yourself for each of those tools to know the difference. We don’t need to care about other area while we edit the lake area.

In this case, you don’t have to worry if the land or the sky will looks funny because we change the picture color more green. The most important thing you should do and pay attention is to make the lake color as you desired.

4. Erase the bad / funny area.

At point three above, we only focus on water color. There's a big chance that the other picture parts (sky, land, rock, etc.) will look weird or funny. To fix this, we need to erase the “funny part”. In this case we will erase all other area except the lake part.

Remember, we will erase the top layer, so when we erase it, it will show picture at the layer below. The result is all area will look just like before, except at the lake part.

To do this we will use “Eraser Tools”. Click at the eraser icon (if you can’t find it, press F5 then click the icon). Set the Brush Width to set size. Then set the Hardness to 0%. The purposes we set it to 0% is to make the erased area will blend more natural with the below picture (layer).

5. Repeat for other part of the picture

If you satisfied with the water color, then we can move to next step, for example we will change the sky color. What you have to do is repeat this step:

  1. Duplicate the untouched picture (the lowest layer)
  2. Click at the duplicated layer
  3. Change the sky color using “Adjustment” tool
  4. Delete / erase all other area except the sky part.

To make it better for you to understand and to see the actual work flow, you can watch below video:

That is tutorial How to make Photo / Picture Look Better / Attractive. Thanks for stopping by

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