How to make Video in Video - Shotcut Tutorial

28 December 2016

☀ This is English version of the article Cara Membuat Video di Dalam Video - Shotcut Tutorial

This article will teach you how to make Video in Video (display two different videos in one video). We will use Shotcut Editor. You can download it for free here:

Note: some people call it picture in picture

Here's how to do it:


First, open the Shotcut Video Editor, then Click: View > Make sure we choose to display: "Timeline" "Filters" & "Playlist"


Click "Open File" then choose the first video


Click & Hold the video, drag to the "Playlist". Then from "Playlist", drag & drop video to "Timeline"

Note: Actually we can directly drag & drop from player to the timeline. But, we put it in "Playlist" to make us easier if we want to use same video for several times


Right Click at the "Timeline" > add Video Track. Or, you can press: "Ctrl+Y". It will add a new "Video Track"


Open the second video. Drag it to the playlist then to the "Timeline"


  • You can click + hold then drag the video on Timeline to match / choose the Time where the second video will appear
  • If we want to mute the video (V1 or V2), click "M" sign at the video timeline


Click at the video that we want to change the size. Click: "Filters" > "+" sign > Video Filters > "Size & Position"

  • Make sure the cursor is in the right position so we can view the change directly
  • When we add "Size & Position" filter, we can resize the video by click & hold at the corner of the video
  • You can view the parameter at the Filter Tab. ¬†You can choose "Fit", "Fill", etc.


Click at the another video to change its size. Repeat the step: Filters > + > Video Filter > size & position > drag to resize. (Just click at the desired video then resize it using mouse or by inputting the parameter)


If you want to change the position at the middle of the video:

  • Move / click the cursor at the desired time
  • Click at the video (V2 or V1) then press "S" at the keyboard. It will split the video (S=split)


If it's done, press File > Export Video > Export File > Save

If it’s hard for you to understand, you can watch video below:

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