How to Remove Malware & Intrusive Ads on Android

15 November 2016 by Ted

This article will show you how to delete Malware or Android "Virus", more specific to get rid of intrusive ads. Sometimes this malware put some sexy or porno icon on the Android home screen / app drawer

We will use Addons Detector Application made by Denper. The main function of this application is to DETECT malware or android "Viruses". We can get rid of most Android Viruses just by simply uninstalling. But first, we need to know which application contain viruses or malware, and this application does a good job for it.

Note: Addons are pieces of software a developer uses to add special functionality to his/her app. Addons cannot be removed from an app. You need to uninstall the app that uses the addons (Like push notifications) you don't want. 

Here’s how to do it:

  • Install Addons Detector made by Denper from Android Play Store then open the application
  • Click SCAN
  • Click Install Date > It will sort application by Install date. The culprits of this problem are usually one or few of latest installed apps.
  • What we need to do is look for "suspicious" application. For example, I never installed "Android Communication Sync" Application. There is a high chance that this application is the culprit. Therefore, I will uninstall this application
  • Click the application name > manage Apps. Uninstall
  • If you unsure which applications cause annoyed ads, just uninstall the last 4 or 5 latest installed application.

Use Notification Monitor

We can also use "Notification Monitor" Feature. It has a function to monitor ads (or anything) that appears on your notification panel. After we activate this feature, we need to WAIT until it shows some result.

Leave it ON and you can do other job or use other applications as usual. When you found something undesirable on your Android notification panel, Re-open the Notification Monitor and you can see the application that cause the trouble.

Note: The applications that show at the above image are NOT a virus or malware, it just for an example of applications that show notification.

I repeat, with this feature, we can know some suspicious or unwanted application that pushes notification on our phone. So, whenever you found intrusive ads on the notification panel, open the notification Monitor. After that, you can uninstall the corresponding application to remove intrusive ads

Note: you can checklist "Ignore" for applications that you think it save and doesn't need to be monitored

Use Shortcut Monitor

We can also use "Shortcut Monitor" feature. The function is to detect which apps are responsible for putting icon ads (usually some sexy / porno icon) or other shortcuts on home screen or on application drawer.

After we activated this feature, we need to wait for a moment until it show some result. Unfortunately I already delete the unwanted app so I can’t show you in the image.

Other Feature

This application also has other features such as to show add-ons or permissions that each application has.
If you have to know add-ons in the applications, just click the icon then choose Filter to show add on by type. However, some add on is still undetected, so it is more effective to use notification or shortcut monitor.

You can check out the video below if you still confuse:

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