How to Transfer Photos / Videos From Camera to Phone using Card Reader / Cable

30 Desember 2016

☀ This is English version of the article Cara Memindahkan File dari Kamera / Action Cam ke HP

One of the "must do" activity when we go on vacation is taking pictures or videos. For the best result usually we use a dedicated device such as digital or action camera instead of our smartphone.

In this article we will teach you how to transfer file (photos & videos) from digital / action camera to your phone or tablet without computer nor Wi-Fi connectivity. There are two methods that we will be use, which are using card reader and secondly, using USB OTG Cable.

Method #1: Use Card Reader

To use this method, there are two pre-requirements we need to fill:

  • First, make sure your smartphone / tablet support USB OTG feature. Usually most of modern smartphone already have this feature. Read the product specification.
  • Second, we need to buy USB OTG CARD READER as below picture. It is cheap, start from 1 USD. You can buy it online.

After that, you just need to do this:

  1. Remove memory card (Micro / Standard SD Card) from the camera
  2. Insert the memory card to the USB OTG Card Reader
  3. Plug the reader to your phone
  4. Browse the content using file manager (we will discuss this matter more detail later)

Method #2: Use USB OTG Cable

There are two requirements:

  • Your device support USB OTG Feature
  • You need to have USB OTG Cable as below picture

Note: Most of USB cables have black color, not white / transparent as above picture

The procedure to transfer the file (photos & videos) is as same as we want to transfer it to the computer as below:

  1. Turn on the digital /action camera
  2. Connect the CABLE DATA to the camera (usually cable data is included at the time you buy camera)
  3. Connect the cable data to the USB OTG Cable / adapter
  4. Connect usb otg cable to the PHONE > pay attention in your camera display, is there a menu to choose "Mass Storage"? If yes, choose that menu.
  5. After that, browse the camera content using file explorer / manager (more to it below)

How to Copy / Move / Delete / Transfer file using File Manager (Explorer)

Usually, file manager / explorer application already installed on most of smartphone nowadays. By using this application we can open / view the files then decided whether we want to copy, move or delete it.

Different phone might be using different file manager. Therefore, as an example for this tutorial, I will use third party application so you can install the same app in your phone. The name is X-Plore, made by Lonely Cat Games. For Android devices, we can download it from Google Play Store. Here's how to use the app:

1. Open the destination Folder

After we install and open X-Plore application, we need to open folder where we want to SAVE the photos & videos in our phone. We just need to click at the folder we want to open. Click at the "New Folder" icon if we want to create a new folder.

Note: X-PLore application can open two different folders at the same time. If your Android device is large enough such as Tablet, then you can view two folders in side by side view. But if your device has screen size below than 6 inch, then to move from two different folders, we need to click at the blue Arrow at the top side of the application.

2. Open the Source File

Open the Source Folder. In this case, we will open the folder inside the digital / action camera memory Card.
What you need to do is click at the big blue arrow at top right of X-Plore application (it can also on the left) to open another folder without have to close current folder.

Click at the "USB Storage" then open the folder where it save the photos & videos files (usually inside DCIM folder)

3. Copy / Move / Delete File

After that we just need to click(s) at the check mark on the side of the file. Click icon "Copy" to copy file or thick "Move Mode" if you want to move file. Or you can also click "Delete" icon to erase the file.

Note: If you can't copy paste or can't create a new folder, etc., you need to do this:

  • Click MENU (three little dot at top of the application)
  • open "Configuration"
  • Scroll down then thick "Allow USB Access". You need to thick this if you had a problem. If not, don't thick this.

You can watch below video if you need more information:

That is How to copy files (Photos / Videos) From Camera to Phone / Tablet using Card Reader / Cable. Thanks for stopping by

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