Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime Pros & Cons
Is it worth to buy?

30 November 2016

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About several months ago Samsung launch Galaxy J Prime as the successor of J7 (2016). However, we can’t say this is the replacement of the previous version. Why is that? Read this article and you’ll find out. I hope after you read this article, you can decide either to buy this Android Phone or not.

Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime key specification:

  • Dimension: 151.7 x 75 x 8 mm. Weight 167 gr
  • Display: 5.5-inch Full HD (1080 x 1920 pixels)
  • Processor: Exynos 7870 Octa Core, 1.6 GHz Cortex-A53. GPU Mali-T830MP2
  • Memory: Internal 32GB, RAM 3GB + Dedicated Micro SD Slot
  • Main Camera: 13 MP, Front Camera: 8 MP

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

What is the difference between Samsung Galaxy J7, J7 (2016) and J7 Prime?

J7 is the first generation that launched on 2015, while J7 (2016) is the successor. The difference between those two is the 2016 version use better Processor (Chipset) and also use 2GB RAM (previously only 1.5 GB RAM).

By design, those two looks identical but it’s not 100% same. In short, the J7 (2016) is the upgrade or the replacement for 2015 version.

While for J7 Prime, there are lot differences in several aspects. Here the advantages of J7 Prime compared to J7 2016:

  • Better design and build quality
  • Bigger RAM (3GB vs 2GB)
  • Bigger front camera resolution (8MP vs 5MP)
  • Bigger screen resolution (1080p vs 720p)
  • It has fingerprint scanner (sensor)

But, is it worth to buy Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime? Continue reading this article then you’ll find out.


Is it good?

Yes! That’s the answer. J7 Prime body mainly made by aluminum that makes this cellphone looks luxury and expensive. If you just see the picture, then you might think that “it’s not that good”, but I suggest you touch or looks for the real one (for example you can try the demo phone on Samsung’s store), you can feel this phone feels premium.

It has a good build quality, no creaky sound and I’m sure it will survive when we accidentally drop this phone. However, if you look closely, its design is look alike Oppo F1s  

Is it comfortable to hold?

It’s a little bit slippery but not that slippery.

J7 Prime is a little, medium or a big phone?

Its dimension is 151.7 x 75 x 8 mm and weight 167 gr. It’s a slightly big phone. We can still put it inside a tight jean since its slim enough. However for a small woman, it might be little hard to operate the phone using one hand only.


Display size and resolution?

The size is 5.5 inch with Full HD Resolution (1920x1080 pixel) ~401ppi.

Is Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime using Super AMOLED display?

Let alone Super, this phone doesn’t have AMOLED technology. It use TFT PLS Capacitive screen.

It is said that J7 Prime us 2.5d screen, what is that about?

It means the edge of the screen uses is slightly curve, but not that curve as S7 edge. Just a little bit curved. Even though is only a little, it makes this phone looks more “pretty”.

Does it support multi touch?

Yes, it supports 10 touches.

Is J7 Prime use Gorilla Glass Protection?

Yes, it is.

Can we still read text clear enough under direct sunlight?

Yes, we still can if we set screen on high brightness settings or in outdoor mode.

Why if I touch the J7 Prime screen a little bit harder, it appears a slightly black spot?

If you touch the screen quite hard and it show a little black spot / blemish at the touch point (but it disappear if you uplift the finger), then you don’t have to worry. It is normal for a phone that use TFT screen. For normal usage, you won’t notice this.

So, overall Samsung J7 Screen is Good or Bad?

It is good. However if you like a vivid color screen, then I suggest you to buy a cellphone that use Super AMOLED technology, for example J7 (2016). However, if you prefer more natural color screen, then J7 Prime is perfect for you.


How much the remaining internal Memory?

Our phone is the 32GB version. The unused memory is around 24GB (the rest is used for system and built in application).

Is there a Micro SD Slot?

Yes, it support up to 256GB

Is the SD Card Slot Dedicated type or Hybrid?

It is dedicated type. In other word, you can use two SIM cards + one Micro SD or you don’t have to choose to sacrifice one SIM card or SD Card as in hybrid type.

How much available /unused RAM?

The RAM Size is 3GB. If we don’t install any third party application, the unused RAM is more than 1.5 GB.


How much the Battery Capacity?

3300 mAh

Is Galaxy J7 Prime Battery removable?

No. This phone is using unibody design, so the battery not removable.

How about the battery life?

Even though the battery capacity is not that big, but the performance is good. On moderately high usage, it still can survive one full day without have to recharge.

How long the charging time?

Unfortunately this phone doesn’t support Samsung Fast Charging technology. From 10% battery to full charge, it takes two or more hours.


How about the Galaxy J7 Prime Camera, is it good?

It is use 13MP camera on the back and 8MP camera on the front. The quality is so-so. Not bad but nothing special. From scale 1-10, we can say it gain score 7.


This phone uses Exynos 7870 Octa Core, 1.6 GHz Cortex-A53. For graphic performance, it handles by GPU Mali-T830MP2. If we compare with the Qualcomm chipset, its performance more or less same as Snapdragon 650.

Is Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime good for gaming purpose?

We can say that this phone is not made for gaming freak. It still can play most of game available on Play Store nowadays. However, for heavy games that demands CPU and GPU to work at its maximum capacity, we need to set graphic settings in medium even low or it won’t run smooth.

If we compare, the J7 (2016) has better gaming performance than Prime. I suspect it is because J7 (2016) only using 720p screen resolution so the chipset is not working as hard as J7 Prime that use 1080p resolution.

How about the multi-tasking performance?

Even though it has 3GB RAM, but strangely after we open several applications then we re-open it, the app needs to reload / restart from the beginning. It is like those 3GB RAM is a bit waste and the multi task capability is not so difference with a phone that has 2GB RAM.

We don’t know this is a firmware problem or it is the default settings. We hope for the next update, the RAM management will be better.

How much J7 Prime AnTuTu score?

It gets around 44 thousand, below J7 (2016) that got around 49 thousand.


Can we use J7 Prime to play Virtual Reality (VR) games or applications or watching 360 videos?

The answer is No. This phone doesn’t have gyroscope sensor. Let alone gyro, it also doesn’t have magnet sensor. For gaming purpose it equipped with accelerometer only.

Can we use it to play Pokémon Go?

No, because it doesn’t have Gyro sensor.

Does it have Light Sensor?

Nope. We need to manually set screen brightness. It is quite unfortunate for a phone at this price range.

Does it have LED Notification light?

Yes it has. It’s located at the top right.

Does it have finger print scanner?

Yes it has. It’s on HOME button.

How quick Samsung J7 Prime finger print sensor response / sensitivity?

Not bad. Not in fast side, but it is still manageable. Approximately need 1 second to turn on screen from the moment we touch the sensor.

It uses mono or stereo speakers?

It use mono speaker. Uniquely, the speaker hole is located at the side of the phone. This placement have an advantage when we put the device on the soft surface it won’t muffled the sound.

Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime Advantage and Disadvantages (Pros & Cons)


  • Premium design, it made by aluminum
  • Good battery life
  • Full HD screen
  • 3GB RAM
  • Dedicated Micro SD Slot
  • Led Notification Light (the first one available on J7 Series)
  • I like the speaker placement


  • Average performance
  • Lack of many sensors (light, gyro, magnet sensor and others).

Is it Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime Worth to buy?

It is a little bit hard to answer because J7 Prime has many advantages but also some “unnecessary” disadvantage. For example, why Samsung not include light sensor in this phone? It will troublesome for people that often move from dark to bright area.

Then, it doesn’t have gyroscope sensor while we already enter the 360 era. It makes this phone not so “up to date”.

Premium design, good battery life, better after sales service (than a new comer brand) and good resale value are the main advantages of Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime compared to competitor in same price range.

So, it depends on your need. If you need an Android phone for daily activity, for selfie, chat, media social, to support your office work or just for the look, then J7 Prime could be suitable for you.

But, if you are an avid gamer, it is better if you buy J7 (2016) or other brands with better gaming performance.

Well, I think this is Samsung’s market strategy. If they make J7 Prime “perfect”, then people won’t buy their other products right?

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