Best Free Android Camera Application With Manual Focus

June 07th, 2017

Video transcription:

This video is about two best free camera applications. I’v tried so many android camera application and this two is the best on my opinion.

In this video i’m using Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Snapdragon using Resurrection Remix Rom attached to the wireless mouse.

Two main reasons why I choose these applications. First, it is because the picture quality is very good and second, I love the manual settings feature.

These applications don’t have much filter effect such as Camera 360. But these applications offer many manual settings just like a DSLR camera, such as manual focus, ISO, Shutter Speed and others.

The first application is Open Camera. This is an open source apps. It has so many manual setting, I’m gonna explain just few of them.

For quick settings, we can click these three little dots. We can view many settings such as flash mode, focus mode, photo resolution, etc.

I’m going to talk about the manual focus. As we can see, there is no manual focus selection because we are not activated this feature yet.

To activate manual focus, press Settings then click Use Camera 2 API.

Just for note, not all android phones support this feature. If you can’t find this menu or if it already activated but you can’t find the manual focus selection, then it means your phone not support it.

After we activate Camera2 API, here we can see the selection is more plenty. Beside manual focus, there are also ISO selection and HDR mode.

Let’s try the manual focus. Press three little dots, choose M, then we just have to slide this slider.

Then we will try the HDR or High Dynamic Range mode.

Press three little dots, then there are Standard Mode, then DRO which is Dynamic Range Optimization. DRO mode is similar to HDR. It is faster than HDR but the result is not as good as HDR mode. We will talk about HDR more latter. And lastly, there is EXPO which is abbreviation of Exposure Bracket.

In HDR mode, the camera will take several photos with different exposure level. Let’s see the example.

First, I’m gonna take an over exposure photo. In over exposure condition, the brightest object will look over bright.
In this example, we cannot clearly see object on the outside of the room. Here we cannot see the cloud.

Now, let’s try to take under exposure photo. This condition will make the darkest object look too dark.

In this example, the object inside the room look to dark and we cannot clearly see it.

In this kind situation, the HDR mode will be handy. It is useful to take a picture where there is a big difference in exposure levels.

Let’s activate the HDR mode. For the record, if we take HDR photo using Open Camera application, it will much slower. Because the application will take several photos with different exposures. It is not suitable to take a moving object.

Now, let’s see the difference. This is HDR photo. Here we can see object inside the room quite clearly.
And the cloud outside the room is in good visibility.

Here is under exposure photo. Object inside the room is too dark.

And this is over exposure photo. We cannot see the shape of the cloud outside the room.

Open camera also support raw files. You can activated this feature by clicking menu, Settings > Photo Settings > Click RAM then choos JPEG and DNG. This application also support up to 4K video recording.

The second application we will discuse is Footej Camera. This is my most favorite camera apps. It is simple to use but the result is really good.

First, let’s talk about the manusal focus. To activate this feature, press this three little dots > click focus > then click on the AF, it will be change to MF or manual focus.

What i really like is when we set the focus, the screen will be zoomed in for a close-up look of your subject. Let’s see the example.

We can also set the manual exposure and shutter speed. Click three little dots then click exposure. Click at AE then it will change to ME or Manual Exposure. Here we can change the shutter speed and ISO.

I also really like the ability to change the auto focus and exposure differently. Let’s set all to auto first.

We just need to click at the object, then we can drag the focus circle and exposure circle differently.

As we can see, if we drag the exposure circle to bright place, it will make the image darker.

To set the focus, we just need to drag the focus circle to the desired object.

To make the photo brighter, just drag the exposure circle to the darkest place or object. Usually we cannot do this in other camera applications.

Footej Camera also support RAW File. If you want to use it, click three little dots, choose the photo icon, click RAW.

This application also support Video Recording up to 4K resolution. Footej camera is a free application, but there is limitation for the free version, which is we can only set the image quality in medium.

If you want to buy this app, the price is really really cheap, it’s 50 cent only.

Actually there are several others camera application which have a lot of manual features like these two applications. One of it is Camera FV-5, but compares to others, Footej camera is my most favorite app and the second is open camera.

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