How to Fix Badly Spaced Characters in PowerPoint

25 January 2017

This tutorial will show you how to fix these problems:

  • Bad / weird characters spacing in PowerPoint
  • Slow / sluggish performance when using PP
  • Bad printing result
  • Missing / cut-off characters
  • etc.

Note: I'm using PowerPoint 2010 in Windows 10. But basically it works in previous (or maybe future) PP / Windows version.

Video Subtitle:

--- Source of the problem = bad printer driver ----

  • This video will show you how to fix bad spacing between characters in power point like this..
  • As you can see, the distances between characters look weird and uneven... Even it looks bad in this part
  • The cause of this problem is the bad printer driver. Yeah I know what’s in your mind, what is the connection between printer driver with the power point. I don’t know how to explain it, but that is the problem.

--- Create a Fake / Dummy Printer for a test---

  • Let’s try to fix it. First let’s close the PowerPoint then we crate a “fake printer”, just to make sure this problem is caused by printer driver. It’s only for a test; you won’t use this printer for actual printing.
  • We open device manager.. I’m using windows 10. If you use another windows version, it might be a little bit different way to open device manager.
  • In windows 10, click the search button then type device manager. Click "Action" > "Add legacy hardware" > click Next > Install the hardware that I manually select from a list > next > click Printers > next > use an existing port > choose LPT1 or: FILE (print to File) > Next > choose the brand and type, anything, it doesn’t matter > next > type a name, for example "Dummy Printer" > Next > do not share this printer > thick “Set as the default printer" > Finish.

--- Do a Test, is the problem solved? ---

  • Now, let’s see if this way solved the problem
  • As you can see, now it looks OK… It confirms that the problem is caused by the printer driver.
  • But… if it still looks messy, then it means this problem is caused by another thing.

--- Update a printer driver to solved the problem ---

  • However.. If after you use dummy printer as default printer solved your problem, then it means you need to update your real printer driver.
  • If you already update the driver but the problem still exist, then it means the power point is not compatible with your printer.
  • As in my case, I use Epson LX-310, I already update the driver, but the problem still remains.
  • Let me show you in this video. I will revert Epson LX-310 as my default printer.

--- How to set default printer ---

  • To set default printer, open Printers & Devices or Printers & Faxes in older windows, in Windows 10 click search > type printers > click device & printers > right click at the printer name > click set as default printer
  • Now let’s see how it looks when I use Epson LX-310……. it looks bad
  • If this is the case, then we just have to use the “Dummy Printer” as our default printer.

--- Another tips without have to create "dummy printer" ---

  • Anyway, if you can see FAX or Microsoft Print to PDF in this menu, then you can use this as a default printer instead, without have to create a dummy printer as in the beginning of the video.
  • Let’s try it. I will choose Microsoft Print to PDF > right click > set as default
  • Open the power point… now you can see it’s back to normal again
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