Real G-Shock / Baby-G Vs The Fake

25 February 2017

In this article we will show you more than 13 tips how to spot genuine versus fake G-Shock. You can use tips in this article to spot any G-Shock or Baby-G model.

#1. The Price

The original G-Shock or Baby-G price is must be above $60. So, if there is someone offering you a G-Shock under $60, I can guarantee you that it must be the fake one.

Whatever the reason they tell, for example it is a black market product, etc; the original G-Shock Price is impossible under $60.

Conclusion: if the price under $60, it must be fake.

#2. Box & Accessories

Some of fake G-Shock use a simple cardboard for the box with nothing inside the box.

While for original G-shock box usually use a tin can and also include below items inside the box:

  1. Thick manual book. Make sure the image in the manual book is same with your watch.
  2. A Barcode tag with your watch model number and also user guide module number
  3. A Warranty Card

Note: Not all G-Shock or Baby-G watch using a tin can box. There are also some of Baby-G or G-Shock that only use cardboard. Even the box actually look like a fake one, but it’s not.

While on the other side, there are some of replica watch that have a very similar box like the original. Even they give the manual book like the original.

The point is, we can’t rely 100% using this method, but at least you know what you should get when you buy a genuine G-Shock or Baby-G. (Watch our video at the end of the article for more clear explanation)

Conclusion: No Manual Book, No Tag, No Warranty Card = Must be fake.

#3. The Weight

Original G-Shock / Baby-G will feel heavier than the counterfeit product. For example, genuine GA-400 weight is 72 gram, while the fake one only 63 gram.

Maybe you will think it is not so different. But in reality, you can notice the difference. (Imagine you holding a 9 grams gold, you can feel it right?)

However, we understand that this method is not so applicable because you must know how heavy is the original one. But I include it in this article just for your knowledge.

Conclusion: The original G-shock is mostly heavier than the fake one.

#4. Double Engine

This method only works for Baby-G or G-Shock with double time which have an analog also a digital watch (anadigi).

Some of fake G-Shock using two separate engine. So, for the analogue watch they use one engine and for the digital they use different engine. While the original G-Shock / Baby-G using an integrated engine. If they using two different engine, to set the analogue watch is by pulling the watch crown like an ordinary analogue watch.

Conclusion: if you have a G-Shock or Baby-G and to set the analogue time is by pulling the crown, it means it use double engine and it must be a fake one. Even though, there are also many fake G-Shock or Baby-G that using integrated engine. But at least, you know if it use two engine = not genuine product.

#5. Build Quality

Now we talk about the build quality. The original one must be perfect. In other words, every part even the smallest one must look precision, smooth and accurate.

If we not look closely, the fake one might be looks like normal and quite OK. However if we look closely, for example around button area, sometimes you can see the button are not precision and feel like a loose button. If we compare it with the original, the buttons is tight and precision.

Check every part of the watch, the paint must be good, the analog / digital watch position must be perfectly in the place, etc. (again, watch our video for more comprehensive explanation)

Conclusion: The genuine G-Shock will have a very good build quality. The text, the buttons, everything is perfect. While the fake one will have bad build quality such as some part not precision, bad paint, etcetera.

#6. Watch Animation

Most of G-Shock and some of Baby-G have usually have an animation to indicate seconds or other function.

The genuine G-Shock will have an animation that synchronize with the seconds. It moves forward and in good pattern. If it shows random pattern, then it must be a fake G-Shock.

Conclusion: Bad animation & show random pattern = Fake G-Shock / Baby-G

#7. Sub Dial / Small Hand

Some of G-Shock or Baby-G have small hand on the sub dial. You must search on the internet the picture of the original watch. Pay attention for the original product, does it have a small hand on sub dial or not.

For example the original GA-400 must have a small hand, but in this counterfeit product it only shows a fan like animation. So, if you see the photo of original GA-400 have a small hand while your watch doesn’t have it, then it must be your product is the counterfeit.

However, there are some fake G-Shock that looks good, usually the GA-100 series. The small hand on sub dial looks real. I mean there are some of counterfeit G-Shock that also have a small hand but it easy to tell that it just for a show and it’s like just a painting or something like that. But there are also some products that looks good and real.

Now, how do we know that this is real or not? The small hand on the original product must be have a function. So we need to make sure that this hand is moving.

For example, in this original GA-400, the small hand function is for timer indicator. If we rotate the crown, the small hand is moving. Or for GA-100, you can check the small hand by running the stopwatch function. When you press the STOP buttton, the small hand must be moving.

Conclusion: If you see the picture of your watch on the internet have a small hand while your watch doesn’t have it, then it must be you get the counterfeit product. Also, if there is a small hand in sub dial, make sure that hand is working or moving.

#8. Watch Screen

Most of original G-Shock or Baby-G using a mineral glass screen. It is harder than a plastic or resin. While fake G-Shock using resin or plastic screen.

We can try to knock on the screen to know the screen material. If we knock on the counterfeit product it will create a plasticky sound; is like "tak.. tak.." sound.

While the original watch screen because it is using harder material, it will sound like a glass when we knock it. 
It is like "thick… thick…" sound

Conclusion: if we knock the watch screen, the original product will create a glass like sound, while the fake one will emulate plasticky sound.

#9. Watch Straps

The original G-Shock straps will feel more elastic and comfortable to wear. While the fake one will feel more stiff, sometimes thinner and also feel like a cheap plastic.

Conclusion: the fake one usually using stiff straps while the original G-Shock straps will feel comfortable to wear.

#10. Button & Feature

Make sure all the text written in the casing and in specification is match with the reality. For example if you buy G-Shock or Baby-G and there is written barometer, compass, thermometer, etcetera, make sure that function did exist in the product.

So, if in the specification said it has thermometer, make sure that function is working correctly. Also, make sure all the buttons function is working accordingly to the text written in the watch casing. For example, if we press the Light button but did not turn on the light, or the reset / Mode / Start-Stop button have function differently, it means the product is not original.

Conclusion: If there are missing features or button not working correctly= it must be a fake product.

#11. Auto Light

Currently there are fake G-Shocks that really look like real. One of the G-Shock type that mostly faked is the ironman series.

One way to differentiate the original with the counterfeit ones is by activating the auto light feature. To activate it, press the LIGHT button for three seconds. It will shown LT text or light icon at the display. If auto light feature activate, it will turn on the light if we face down the watch.

Conclusion: The counterfeit product don’t have auto light feature.

#12. Accuracy

We must also pay attention to the watch accuracy. This tips only work after a week or a month usage. A real Baby-G or G-Shock accuracy is less 15 seconds a month.  It is a maximum deviation, but the truth is, I’m wearing G-Shock for years and I don’t have a problem with the accuracy.

If you use G-Shock or Baby-G and the accuracy is really bad, for example if in one month the watch will have a minute faster or slower or at least more than 15 seconds deviation, then there is a chance you are using counterfeit product.

Conclusion: bad accuracy = fake

#13. Water & Shock Resistant

The real G-Shock or Baby-G is anti shock and also water resist at least 10 Bar (usually 20 Bar). If you use the watch while swimming and after that you see there is water inside the watch or there is a fog, then it must be a fake watch.

Conclusion: Not Water Resistant & watch easily break = fake


Some said the fake product straps will be more easy to change color or fade. But that is not 100% true, the original straps in my experience also change color pretty quickly. The conclusion is; for straps durability matter, the real one with the fake one are about the same.

Also, some said we can notice the fake and the real one by looking at the light color. Well, it’s kinda hard if you want to use this method. Because you must know the light color of the original. However, most of dual time (anadigi) Baby G / G-Shock, use LED Light like this one.

While some of fake G-Shock  is using EL-Light or the light is in the LCD background. So, check the specification, if it is said using LED light but the reality is using EL-light, then it must the fake one.

If we see at the back case it is quite hard to notice the difference. However the real one will have bold engraving than the fake one.

Lastly, if you want to really make sure it is a real one or the fake one, you can bring the watch to the official service center and do a check up there.

I hope you can use some of tips in this article to spot a genuine Baby-G or G-Shock with the counterfeit product. You can watch our video for more comprehensive explanation.

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